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I’m Kyuu, a CISO, serial entrepreneur and culture volunteer worker from Multisilta.

I think politics has has enough of shouts, declarations and definitive answers. It’s high time to lower the volume, start discussing and asking. Sometimes being boring brings not only peace of mind, but more responsibility.

The right to be an idiot is the greatest freedom there is.

My basic philosophy. There isn’t one person on earth without at least one opinion that just sounds so silly. Yet we share the same earth and do it much better together.


This list will be updated with content and links as the election draws closer.

  • Above all else: more questions, less answers. Let’s study the matter first, answer later. The right information in the right place. Video available
  • Healthcare: let’s fix the IT systems, and use the nurses’ and doctors’ time for patients, not waiting on computers.
  • School: there are many routes to knowledge. Students aren’t a gray mass but individuals. Let’s hear more from the teachers.
  • Culture: new metrics; let’s talk more about what we get with the money. Let’s focus the money especially on free activities open for everyone, for doers and viewers. Video available
  • IT: Let’s create a problem of IT sustainability for Tampere, let’s not outsource irresponsibility to partners. Unneeded and out-of-use items should be repaired and given to low income residents.
  • Environment: Nature heals. Maybe an idea contest to activate even more people to move in nature? The Taaporinvuori area is far too important to be sacrificed for a new highway.
  • Communication: ALL ideas are welcome to the discussion. Let us not silence opinions, especially the worrying ones. Instead, hear their worries and handle them with respect, before they grow out of control.
  • Other parties: Thank you for being a part of our shared democracy. I hope to learn much from you.

A good society is based on people who do not know everything, thus they will know they need each other.

The wisest of the Greeks was he, who knew that he did not know. Let us accept that every decision maker or anyone for that matter does not know everything. “I don’t know” is the beginning of responsibility and wisdom.
Kuvaaja: Helene Lindfors

Work: CISO for Tammer Brands oy in Nekala. Also running smaller businesses Tietovelhot oy and Tietotunkki oy.
Hobbies: Walking, photography, organizing culture events, tech tweaking, volunteer work.
Home: Multisilta / Perkkoonpuisto, and a little cabin in Sastamala.

Tampere has surprisingly many districts without any [political] representation, such as Peltolammi, Multisilta, Nekala and Lamminpää

-Aamulehti newspaper on March 15th 2021. I offer a double solution: I live in Multisilta and work in Nekala.

Positions of trust

  • Tammerkosken Kokoomus ry, secretary
  • Tracon ry, perustaja, vice chairman
  • Tampere Kuplii ry, founder, vice chairman
  • Säätöyhteisö B2 ry, founder, chairman
  • As Oy Tampereen Gabro, chief of security
  •, photographer, general organizer
  •, communications
  • Pirkan blogit, founder, administrator

There are two kinds of people: those who do and those who criticize those who do.

My quote from the Image magazine. When mistakes happen, it’s best to work on fixing it and learning from it, not spending all energy on placing guilt.


Due to the nature of my work in infosec, I don’t widely use social media services.